The Love County Sheriff's Department is seeking a suspect in the robbery of a personal gun collection.

Sheriff Joe Russell said the robbery took place Saturday night. The identity of the fugitive is not known, as Russell noted it could be either a man or a woman.

"We have no idea who it is," he said. "Our deputy was unable to tell if it was a male or a female, because it was dark at the time."

The robbery took place at a private residence on Oswalt Road. Russell said the victim returned home at the time of the robbery and notified authorities. The suspect was on a six-wheeler and fled from the deputy, ditching the vehicle and entering into a field on foot. All but two of the guns were recovered, as they were left on the back of the six-wheeler.

Russell said the value of the guns was estimated at $100,000.

"The owner has a lot of antique guns," Russell said. "Several of them used to belong to famous people."

Russell said it was not known if the fugitive was dangerous. There was at least one loaded gun located on the six-wheeler when the weapons were recovered.

Anyone with information regarding the robbery is asked to contact the Love County Sheriff's Department at (580) 276-3150.