Work is moving along as Ardmore City Schools put the money provided by the May bond election to use.

The middle school roof is currently about 60 percent done and will be the first project completed. If the weather cooperates, expec­tations are that the roof will be done in two more months.

Ground has been broken at Jefferson El­ementary for a new addition that will include classrooms and a set of restrooms.

“They are still working on the foundation and pouring the concrete,” said Superinten­dent Sonny Bates.

The Jefferson addition is expected to be completed in the spring. The remodel of the current building will occur this summer. All work on Jefferson should be done before students begin the 2014-15 school year.

Plans for the new Lincoln Elementary building are nearly complete. A meeting on Jan. 8 should finish things up. The plans will be presented at the January board meeting for perusal.

Setup for the new building will begin in May. Once the building is complete, the old Lincoln will need to be torn down. A parking lot will then be added to the campus.

Plans for Noble Stadium repairs and track resurfacing will begin soon but will probably be the second project completed. Work will finish up during the summer break.

"It takes a lot less planning because it's mostly civil engineering," Bates said.

Finalizing plans for the gymnasium and classroom additions at Will Rogers Elementary and Charles Evans Elementary will begin in April.

"Everything else is in process. The next year will be busy," Bates said.

While school officials did look at the possibility of shifting the 2013-14 academic calendar to better fit with construction, they have abandoned that idea because of state and national testing dates and state athletic competitions.

"We can't end school before all the competitions and testing are over," Bates said. "It's too much of a disruption academically to change the calendar. We looked at it, but it just wasn't possible." During the 2015-16 school year, furniture and technology for the new buildings will be purchased and will wrap up the list of bond projects.

"In two full years, we will be where we need to be," Bates said.