Child Support Services is encouraging non-custodial parents to make a resolution to pay child support and be there for their children in 2014.

Child Support Services offers a variety of ways for non-custodial parents to make their court-ordered child support payments. The most common method is through income withholding, which is a wage deduction. Many employers comply with income withholding via web payment or electronic funds transfer. NCPs have other methods available to make child payments, including web payment, mailed payments, pay-by-phone, walk-in at many bank location, MoneyGram and U.S. Payments kiosks. All methods come at no cost to Oklahoma taxpayers.

"We're very pleased to offer so many different ways for child support customers to make their monthly payments," says Scot Sampson, assistant district attorney for the Ardmore CSS office. "With so many different payment options, every non-custodial parent should have the opportunity to support his or her children.

"It's essential that we make paying child support as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. We want to ensure that all Oklahoma children have the support of both parents."

Each month, the Ardmore CSS office collects approximately $1 million in child support on behalf of children and families.

To learn more about ways to make the child support payment or for information, contact CSS at (800) 522-2922, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or visit and select child support.