Senior citizens who no longer have a driver’s license have a difficult time getting an identification card that will allow them to vote, according to state Rep. Harold Wright.

“I have been helping constituents with this problem, and frankly, several have given up,” said Wright, R-Weatherford. “Instead of allowing seniors to use their driver’s license as proof of identity when they are obtaining a non-driver identification card from the state, current law forces them to go find their birth certificate and a second form of identification. It’s a difficult and unnecessary process for retirees and other individuals who are at a point in their lives when they are scaling back what they are willing to take on.”

Wright said he is proposing House Bill 2387 to make it possible for these seniors to use a valid and unexpired drivers’ license in order to obtain a non-driver identification card from the Department of Public Safety.

The Second Regular Session of the 54th Legislature begins February 3, 2014.