Ardmore City Commissioner Bob Geurin said he has a newfound respect for Ardmore's police officers after getting an opportunity to personally observe them in action.

Geurin was in the APD command center at City Hall Thursday night as the manhunt of "Lil Henry" Jackson unfolded.

"If the citizens of Ardmore had witnessed what I did, they would be very impressed," he said. "I'll admit, I was spooked, but the officers knew there was a person out there that had shown he had no respect or concern for human life. The men and women of the police department were determined to stop him that night, and they did. It was the APD's responsibility, and they took it."

Geurin compared the manhunt as "like the things we've seen on television and read about in newspapers that has happened around the country. They (officers) did exactly what it says on the side of their cars — 'protect and serve.' I commend them for their professionalism, teamwork and leadership. My hat's off to them."

Ardmore City Manager J.D. Spohn was also in the command center and said it was his first time to observe the APD in action.

"I was certainly impressed," Spohn said.

In addition to praising the APD's response, the city manager said he was also impressed with the unity and alliance the department has built with other law enforcement agencies.

"I was shown a high level of cooperation between agencies. It's something to be thankful for and appreciate in situations like this one," he said.