Automatic doors at a local store not only momentarily halted a shoplifter's getaway Friday, but caused the thief to leave incriminating evidence behind.

Ardmore Police Department reports indicate officers responded to Walmart about 10:50 a.m. Loss/prevention employees reported spotting a man who had concealed a candy bar and a soda in his clothing before attempting to leave the store without paying for the refreshments. The shoplifter was confronted and he fled — sprinting at full speed toward the automatic doors.

He might have made a clean getaway, except for one small problem. He was faster than the opening mechanism on the doors.

Instead of a clear path to freedom, the shoplifter crashed into the slower-moving doors. Although he still managed to flee the scene, the tangle with the doors caused him to drop his wallet and his sunglasses.

Not only was the entire bungled escape captured on a store security video camera, but the man's wallet contained identification listing not just his name, but his address. An officer called his residence and left a "We know who you are; we know what you did. Turn yourself in" message.

Later in the day, the shoplifter followed the officer's instructions. He arrived at police headquarters where his was issued a citation and a court date.