When the students at Springer High School started brainstorming about what to do with funds raised from various Student Council activities, they thought it would be best to give to an organization that had helped Springer students in the past.

“We wanted to give back to someone who helped us,” said Caden Ingram, a junior at Springer. “They’ve done a lot to help students from Springer.”

Friday afternoon, the 19 students who serve on the Springer High School Student Council donated $104.38 to the Greater Ardmore Scholarship Foundation. The funds will go to benefit the organization that “helps average students from average families” pay for college.

The foundation is in its 24th year of operation, and has awarded more than 2,300 college scholarships to students in Carter County.

“In all the years they have helped us, we haven’t helped them,” said Tiffany Jeffcoats, a junior at Springer. “For us to raise the money and give it back means a lot.”

Student Council adviser Tricia Brown said the foundation has helped past graduates of Springer, and continues to help Springer alumni with scholarship awards each semester.

Brown said four students who graduated last spring are recipients of the scholarship. The year before, there were six students from Springer’s graduating class.

“From now on, every year we will double the donation,” Brown said. “That is our goal. This isn’t going to be the last donation from Springer.”

Springer Public Schools is home to more than 200 students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade.

To raise the money, the Student Council sponsored Penny Wars, a fundraising effort that encouraged students to bring in pennies and compete against different classes to see who could collect the most. On Feb. 14, the students sold Valentine’s Day crushes to other students.

Roslyn Haile, executive director of the Greater Ardmore Scholarship Foundation, accepted the donation from the Student Council students. Haile said the scholarship program is made possible because of contributions from the community, including the one by the Springer students.

“We are so grateful,” Haile said. “You are setting the example for all Carter County schools in giving back to your high school graduates for future scholarships.”

Haile said the donation from the students will be earmarked to benefit students from Springer.

The Greater Ardmore Scholarship Foundation is open to high school seniors who attend school at Ardmore, Take Two Academy, Dickson, Lone Grove, Plainview, Springer, Fox, Healdton and Wilson. Students must complete an application and prove their family’s income falls between $35,000 to $90,000 to be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Jeffcoats and Ingram say they know of past recipients who have been awarded the scholarship. Both students say, they will look into applying when they are seniors.

Student Council students say the council works to support the school and their fellow students. But this semester, the council is adding the community to its focus. Later this month, students have organized an afternoon of trash pick up along U.S. Highway 77, the same road on which the school is located.

“We want to give back,” Jeffcoats. “We are such a small school, but we can give back to our school and the community.”