The 2013 ADvantage and Medicaid State Plan Personal Care (MSPPC) provider report cards are now available on the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) website at


DHS conducts annual audits of provider agencies in both case management and home health. The report cards include the annual audit score of provider agencies, individual condition scores and state averages.


FY2014 provider report cards will be uploaded to the DHS website in October 2014 and follow-up audit scores--if applicable--will be available online in April 2015. Future report cards will be uploaded following this same schedule.


The report cards are intended to help empower members, families and caregivers as they make informed decisions when selecting an agency for the ADvantage or MSPPC program.


DHS Quality Assurance staff has worked on developing the online project for two years.


"I am grateful for the hard work done by our Medicaid Services Unit in developing this online resource," says Lance Robertson, Director of DHS Aging Services. "Publishing the report cards online provides great transparency to the public--they can see how members are treated and served in the important ADvantage program. This will prove to be a valuable tool as families decide on which agency they want providing care to a loved one."


For additional information about the report cards, email