Senator Frank Simpson attended the March meeting of the Carter County Turning Point Tobacco Coalition at the Community Children’s Shelter, Friday, March 14, to give an update on youth access to e-cigarette legislation. Senator Simpson joined coalition chairperson, Sister Carolyn Stoutz, in congratulating Springer mayor, Glen Bond, who was on hand to receive the Certified Healthy Community certificate Springer earned from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.


As part of an effort to create healthy places in Oklahoma to live, work, learn and play, the Certified Healthy Oklahoma program announced that 1,146 entities have been recognized as Certified Healthy in 2013. The Springer school system also earned recognition as a Certified Healthy School. The school and the community are now eligible to apply for incentive grants through the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust. The amount of each grant is based on population and certain criteria related to facilities and ordinances that promote wellness, encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors and establish safe and supportive environments. Mayor Bond is working to assure that Springer qualifies for maximum funding for a community its size.


In Carter County, 13 businesses, 16 schools, 2 communities and 1 campus were recognized as Certified Healthy for 2013. Schools and communities awarded certification are eligible to apply for the grants. The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) offers grants to eligible communities and schools who become certified. Criteria information to apply for the incentive grants can be found at or call Janie Horton, Tobacco Program Coordinator, at 580 226-1838.