A recent poll conducted with 1,000 American adults showed 20 percent expect to travel less in 2014,


19 percent think they will be traveling more this year compared to 2013 and more than half, 57 percent said their level of travel will be about the same.


Only 13 percent say they are more likely to be traveling on business, while 77 percent will tend to travel for pleasure instead.


Asked their favorite way to travel, 56 percent of Americans say by car. In distant second are the 28 percent who prefer to travel by plane. Just 7 percent said train is their favorite way to go, 2 percent each listed bus and ship and 3 percent favor some other, unspecified way to travel.


According to 75 percent of poll participants said the ongoing Malaysian Airlines mystery will have no influence on their travel plans, with 5 percent saying the plane disappearance makes them more likely to travel by commercial plane, and 26 percent said it makes them less likely to do so.


Among those who say plane is their favorite way to travel, 83 percent say the Malaysian Airlines incident will have no influence on their travel plans.