A local car salesman allegedly let his friend drive a car off the dealer’s lot without paying for the vehicle, and it might have taken weeks before the theft was discovered if his buddy had been a better driver.

Det. Matt Dunn, Ardmore Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, said Jackey Huckabaa became implicated in the theft from Brad Fenton Motors when Ravin Gunter was arrested in Garfield County. Gunter was apprehended after trying to outrun authorities in a 2013 Nissan. Dunn said Gunter was captured when he “totaled” the car during the pursuit.

“Garfield County started checking and called the dealer asking if they had a car missing — they did,” Dunn said.

And the investigation into how Gunter had obtained the car revealed Huckabaa’s role in the caper.

“He (Huckabaa) basically gave him the keys and watched him drive it off the lot,” Dunn said.

Huckabaa was arrested without incident Monday and booked into the Carter County Detention Center. Tuesday the 45-year-old former car salesman was charged with larceny of an auto. He made an initial appearance in district court, where a $15,000 bond was attached to the charge. County jail records indicate Huckabaa was released after posting bond and pending the outcome of the case against him.

Gunter is also charged in Carter County District Court with larceny of an auto. But he hasn’t made an initial appearance on the charge yet? Why? He’s detained in Garfield County on a $100,000 bond connected with multiple charges, including unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving under suspension and resisting arrest.