You don’t need to travel to the Duke Diet center to take advantage of the program. asked the center’s experts to share their top tips for achieving weight loss success — from scheduling meals to getting a grip on emotional eating.


Here’s a tip:


Don’t Beat Yourself Up


If you caved in and ate nachos and frozen margaritas at happy hour with your friends, don’t blame yourself for blowing your weight loss plan. “It’s impossible to ruin your diet in one day,” said Christine B. Tenekjian, Duke Diet & Fitness Center dietitian.. “Don’t try to make up for it with excessive exercising or fasting the next day.” Rather than adopting an all-or-nothing mentality, she suggests just getting back on your normal plan and journaling about your feelings and why you think you fell off the weight-loss wagon.


If You’re Going to Splurge, At Least Do It Right.