Governor Mary Fallin Thursday released the following statement regarding the upcoming education rally to be held at the Oklahoma State Capitol Monday.


"I support more funding for common education and I appreciate teachers, parents and students being engaged on this issue. Last year I signed into law a budget that delivered over $120 million in new education money, by far the biggest increase in resources to any area of government.


“This year I proposed another increase of $50 million in K-12 education funding increases, despite a $190 million budget shortfall that will lead to spending cuts at most agencies.


“Providing adequate funding is vital to increasing educational attainment and student performance in Oklahoma. Equally important are the careful implementation and funding of education reforms focusing on accountability in schools, child literacy, and the creation of more rigorous standards in the classroom. Giving our teachers, administrators, parents and students the tools they need to succeed continues to be a top priority of mine."