Teams competing in the Ardmore Corpo­rate Fitness Challenge have been locked in with a little less than two months before competi­tion begins. Sara Kerley, CIS Executive Director, said 16 teams have signed up and sponsorships worth $20,000 have been com­mitted. The event will begin May 27 and run through May 31. Proceeds from the challenge will benefit Com­munities in Schools.


“We are grateful for the amount of sup­port in this inaugural event,” Kerley said. “The manner in which the community has provided support has been truly humbling and gratifying.” Teams will compete in a myriad of events, which include:


• 3-on-3 basketball

• Volleyball

• Tennis

• Swimming The events will take place at the Ardmore YMCA, Regional Park and Ardmore High School and Middle School. During the orga­nization of the event, allowing individuals in the event was discussed and has since been limited to teams.


The teams will be able to receive points through competition and a Super Burger and T-Shirt competitions. Points can also be received for volunteers.


Each of the events will award a first, sec­ond and third place awards. The cumulative points for all events will determine the first through third overall winners.


• Obstacle course

• Tug of war

• Home run derby

• Horseshoes