Wednesday was the first day of the filing period for both state and county officials throughout the state. With two days left, there are several offices, particularly in the surrounding counties, in which incumbents are the sole filers. And with other offices, there are some interesting races shaping up.

One of the more interesting appears to be in Carter County for associate district judge. Thomas Baldwin, Tim Burson and Brett Morton each filed for the office Wednesday. There will also be a race for district judge, District 20 Office 1 with incumbent Dennis Morris drawing Aaron Taber as an opponent.

District Attorney Craig Ladd filed for office and has yet to draw an opponent.

District Judge Wallace Coppedge was the sole filer for the office of District Judge, District 20, Office 2. In Johnston County, Charles Migliorino filed for re-election as the Associate District Judge. T. Todd Hicks filed for the seat of Associate District Judge in Love County, and Gregory Johnson filed for the seat of Associate District Judge in Marshall County. District Judge Aaron Duck filed for re-election as Associate District Judge in Murray County.

At the state legislative level, Sen. Frank Simpson, R-Ardmore, has filed for re-election in District 14 and has not drawn an opponent. Rep. Pat Ownbey, R-Ardmore, has filed for re-election in District 48. In District 49, Rep. Tommy Hardin, R-Madill, filed for re-election and has drawn Democrat Jessica Pfau as an opponent.

In Carter County, two incumbents drew opponents on the first day of filing. District 3 Commissioner Dale Ott drew Republican Jerry Alvord as an opponent. Ott is a Democrat.

For the office of sheriff, incumbent Democrat Sheriff Milton Anthony will face off against Republican Eric Boomer Blomgren. District 1 County Commissioner Joe David McReynolds filed, as did County Treasurer Martha Collins.

In Love County, four incumbents filed for office on the first day. Throwing their hat into the ring for re-election were County Treasurer Lorry Stilley, County Assessor Cathy Carlile, District 1 County Commissioner Jerry McGill and District 3 County Commissioner Herschel Bub Peery.

In Murray County, County Assessor Scott Kirby filed and has not drawn an opponent. County Treasurer Judy Wells has drawn Claire Rackley as an opponent. District 1 County Commissioner Darrell Hudson did not draw an opponent, but there will be an interesting race for District 3 Commissioner. Gary Kerns, Shane Cornbread Hale and Kent McKinley will face off for the office.

There was only one contested race after the first day of filing in Marshall County. District 3 County Commissioner Chris Duroy drew Sara Hunnell as an opponent. Assessor Debbie Croasdale filed, as did County Treasurer Laura Larkin and District 1 Commissioner Don "Salty" Melton.

In Johnston County, filing was limited to four incumbents. District 1 Commissioner Roy Wayne Blevins, District 3 Commissioner Melvin Farmer, County Assessor Guyla Hart and County Treasurer Rana Smith each filed.

The filing period will continue through 5 p.m. Friday.