Governor Mary Fallin today expressed appreciation to members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives Appropriations and Budget Committee for passing several key measures yesterday evening.


Bills that now await to be taken up by the full House include measures that would provide funding for state Capitol repairs; increase accountability at state charter schools; reduce Oklahoma’s personal income tax rate; provide a pay increase for state troopers; and appropriate funds to complete the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma City.


“These measures are certainly worthy of further consideration this session,” Fallin said. “I appreciate members of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee working long hours to discuss and act on these bills.”


Key measures that the panel passed include:


• Senate Bill 232, which relates to Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper pay and the governor’s total remuneration study


• Senate Bill 1246, which proposes to reduce the top personal income tax rate from 5.25 percent to 5 percent in 2016, and further reduce it to 4.85% in subsequent years if revenue triggers are met


• Senate Bill 1651, which would create a trust and appropriate $40 million from the state’s unclaimed property fund to match privation contributions that would complete the American Indian and Cultural Museum


• Senate Bill 1711, which would require entities that claim the tax credit for compressed natural gas filling stations to make them open to the public


• Senate Bill 2044, which would authorize a $160 million bond issue to repair the Capitol building


• Senate Bill 573, which would strengthen accountability measures for charter schools