The following is provided by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation:


Arbuckle: April 5. Elevation 6 ft. below normal, water 63 and clear to stained. Crappie at 25 ft. around brush piles, some in coves moving to spawn. White bass good on road runners and small crankbaits in the back end of coves chasing shad. Bass good on crankbaits, spinnerbaits and Alabama rigs at 3-18 ft. Report submitted by Jack Melton.


Broken Bow: April 6. Water high 50s to low 60s. Spotted bass good on minnows and red worms in the upper end. White bass good on yellow rooster tails and various colors of 3-5 inch1/4 ounce grubs in creeks. Crappie good on minnows and jigs moving into the shallows around structure. Walleye good on watermelon, smoke and witches brew grubs in the upper end at the head of the Mountain Fork. Report submitted by Dru Polk, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.


Eufaula: April 6. Elevation 1/2 ft. above normal, water 59 and stained. Largemouth bass fair on plastic baits and crankbaits in shallow brushy areas and rocky areas. White bass good on jigs and spinnerbaits up feeder creeks. Blue catfish good on shad along flats and rocky areas. Crappie good on minnows and jigs at 2-8 ft. along brushy and rocky banks. Report submitted by Ed Rodebush, game warden stationed in McIntosh County.


Hugo: April 6. Elevation normal, water 58. White bass fair up the Kiamichi River in channels and shoals. Catfish fair trotlines and fair to good on cut bait below the dam during water releases. Crappie fair to good on minnows and jigs at 6-10 ft. Report submitted by Jay Harvey, game warden stationed in Choctaw and Bryan counties.


Konawa: April 8. Elevation normal, water 57 and clear. Largemouth bass good on crankbaits, spinnerbaits and soft plastic baits. White bass and striped bass hybrids good on cut bait, live bait, crankbaits and jigs at 8-10 ft. around points, creek beds, road beds and in the discharge canal. All other fishing slow. Report submitted by Tyler Howser, game warden stationed in Seminole County.


Lower Mountain Fork: April 6. Water flow 100 c.f.s above the powerhouse. Visibility 52 inches, water 45 and clear. Best areas are Spillway Creek, Evening Hole and Zone 2. Best access points are Beaver Lodge Nature Trail, Evening Hole Bridge and Old Park Dam. Best fly fishing patterns are Sparkle Dun in BWO color - size 20, March Brown in natural color - size 14, in Phlamin Pheasant Tail in natural color - size 18, March Brown Wet in natural color - size 14, Elk Wing Caddis in tan color - size 16, Soft Hackle in olive color - size 16, Hare’s Ear in natural color - size 14, Spillway Creek Caddis in olive color - size 14, and Flying Squirrel in natural color - size 16. Report submitted by Woodruff Guide Service.


McGee Creek: April 6. Elevation 3 ft. below normal, water 56 and murky. Largemouth bass fair on Alabama rigs and pumpkin seed plastic worms at 10-20 ft. and on shad colored rattletraps and chartreuse spinnerbaits with a red blade at 2-5 ft. along structure. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 10-20 ft. over submerged cedar trees off major creek channels. Channel catfish fair on juglines baited with cut bait. Report submitted by Larry Luman, game warden stationed in Atoka County.


Murray: April 8. Elevation 7 ft. below normal, water 60 and stained. Largemouth and smallmouth bass good on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 5 ft. around brushy structure and fish habitat buoys. Walleye slow to fair on chartreuse jigs at the dam in the morning and last hour of daylight in evening. All other fishing slow. Boat ramps are hard to use due to lake level but are still open. Report submitted by Jeremy Brothers, game warden stationed in Carter County.


Pine Creek: April 7. Elevation normal, water murky and rising. Despite the cold fronts that have moved in this week, big bass are still being caught on spinnerbaits, baby brush hawgs, and red rattletraps. Crappie fair on jigs near the banks. Catfish good on nightcrawlers, chicken liver and cut shad. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.


Robert S. Kerr: April 7. White bass excellent on white twist tail grubs up Big San Bois Creek all the way to Iron Bridge. Crappie excellent on minnows and jigs at 5 ft. up Big San Bois Creek, Hawthorn Pits and Highway 9 Port. Bass good on jigs along grass beds and on plugs around points. Catfish fair on cut bait with rod-and-reel, juglines and trotlines along flats close to river or creek channels. Report submitted by Allen Couch, game warden stationed in Haskell County.


Sardis: April 5. Elevation normal, water 62 and murky. Largemouth bass fair to good on swim baits, spinnerbaits and plastic baits at 2-6 ft. White bass fair on grubs, in-spinnerbaits and jigs at the mouths of creeks. Channel and blue catfish good on cut bait and dead minnows. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 8-10 ft. Walleye slow. Report submitted by Dane Polk, game warden stationed in Pushmataha County.


Texoma: April 6. Elevation 6 ft. below normal, water 47 and clear. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fair to good on crankbaits and spinnerbaits at 5-20 ft. in the upper creek channels. Striped and white bass fair to good at 10-25 ft. from Caney Creek to Fobb Bottom. Channel and blue catfish fair to good at 10-20 ft. from the Washita River to Newberry Creek and Sanders Island view on the Red River. Crappie fair to good on minnows and jigs at 5-15 ft. in Glasses, Kansas and Butcher Pen creeks and on minnows and jigs at the north dike. Report submitted by Danny Clubb, game warden stationed in Bryan County.


Wister: April 6. Elevation 2 1/2 ft. above normal, water murky. Largemouth bass good on 12-inch black plastic worms, spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Crappie good on minnows and jigs. Catfish good on juglines and trotlines baited with cut bait and live sunfish. Report submitted by Randy Fennell, game warden stationed in LeFlore County.