A recent survey of 1,000 American adults showed 88 percent planed to file the income tax by the deadline, and 5 percent said they planned on getting an extension.


The survey results were consistent with findings for the past two years.


A month ago, 51 percent said they had already filed their income taxes which also was on pace with findings last year.


Fifty-three percent said they expect to get a refund, up seven points from last month, while 19 percent think they owe the government money, while 20 percent predict that they will break even.


Among those who expect a refund, 39 percent say they will spend the money, down slightly from a year ago, but 51 percent plan to save the money they get back.


Fifty-three percent also believe that, compared to people who make more or less than they do, they pay more than their fair share of taxes, up from 49 percent last year


However, 24 percent don’t think they pay more than their fair share in taxes and 23 percent are not sure.