Within the confines of small city government, versatility can go a long way toward providing the best possible services for citizens.

Since joining developmental services, code enforcement officer Jessica Scott has developed into an integral member of the city of Ardmore staff. Through continuing education, Scott has developed an exemplary resume. This past month, she added another achievement, qualifying as a residential electrical inspector. Scott, along with developmental services director Nick Diaz, can both serve the city in that capacity.

To qualify, Scott took a three-day training course and leaned on Diaz as a mentor. She also was invited to an online training session prior to her test

“I had limited knowledge of electrical,” Scott said. “It is one of the most difficult of the trades because of the calculations.”

Taking little for granted, Scott took advantage of the training and studied on her own time to ensure she would pass the test. She said it was focus and study, which allowed her to be successful.

“The course I took was invaluable,” Scott said. “I also studied on my own and relied on Nick for help. It was not as difficult as I anticipated, and that was only because I prepared. I felt very prepared and focused.”

Scott took the test in Oklahoma City in a rigid atmosphere to ensure everything was on the level. She said she, along with other participants, were monitored throughout the test. Each person taking the test went through a metal detector and was patted down previous to the test. When she completed the computer-generated test, Scott learned she had passed and was naturally elated. In addition to the electrical test, Scott has passed the plumbing and building test as well as passing a test to become a certified flood plain instructor.

To finish the trade tests, Scott is already eagerly anticipating taking the mechanical test soon.

“It increases our capability and adds to our overall knowledge, which makes the department more efficient,” Scott said. “I have a thirst for knowledge. I’m very motivated and I would like to acquire as much knowledge a I can.”

Ardmore City Manager J.D. Spohn said Scott is to be commended not only for passing the electrical test, but also for her willingness to serve the citizens and city.

“I’m extremely proud of Jessica,” he said. “The city has thrown challenges at her, and she has met and exceeded each one. She is an exceptional employee. The city is lucky to have a person of her capability to serve the public.”