The Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians is conducting a contest to find out how Doctors of Optometry have changed the lives of patients. Comprehensive eye examinations performed by optometric physicians can detect high blood pressure, diabetes, risk of stroke, ocular cancer and many other conditions that may cause loss of sight or compromise overall health. In addition, their focus on the relationship of vision to school success, diagnosing eye conditions in infants early and helping those with low vision concerns touch the lives of Oklahomans every day.


“We initiated this contest because services offered by OAOP members provide expert vision care to Oklahomans all across the state,” said Saundra Naifeh, chief executive officer for OAOP. Our Doctors of Optometry impact lives each day – helping children excel in school because a comprehensive eye examination revealed a vision condition that could be corrected, or patients on the road to recovery because an optometric physician detected heart disease by examining the blood vessels in the eye.”


To let OAOP know how your local optometrist has changed your life, email stories to or go to Each person who submits a story will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad. The deadline to enter is May 1st.