A road damage report in rural Lone Grove Monday led to the arrest of a Ratliff City man in connection with a number of oilfield thefts, and Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony said the case that now spans three counties remains ongoing.

Deputy Daniel King responded Monday morning to a report of a pickup pulling a trailer without a wheel, which was causing gouges in El Dorado Road. King found the truck/trailer. He stopped the driver, who was discovered not only to be driving with a suspended license, but without insurance.

That might have been the end of the story. But then Kyle Camp came driving by in a pickup pulling another trailer. This trailer was loaded with oilfield tubing and pipe. King stopped Camp’s truck. During a discussion with Camp, the 44-year-old man made admissions concerning the ownership of the oilfield equipment he was hauling. The load of tubing and pipe was stolen. So was the disabled trailer his friend had been pulling. And, by the way, there was more stolen oilfield equipment at Camp’s rural Ratliff City residence.

Undersheriff Gregg Johnson and Lt. Derek Helmke joined the investigation that centered not only on the stolen property, but from where it had all come.

“Some of it was stolen here in Carter County, some in Garvin County and some in Stephens County. There are multiple agencies now involved in this investigation,” Anthony said Wednesday afternoon.

Camp was booked into the Carter County Detention Center. Tuesday, the district attorney’s office filed four counts of knowingly possessing stolen property charges against him. By Tuesday afternoon, he was making his initial appearance before Special District Judge Thomas Baldwin in Carter County District Court. Bond was set at $25,000, and a preliminary conference scheduled May 29.

Camp posted bond and was released from the county jail pending the outcome of his case.

However, Anthony said it was possible he would face charges in Garvin and Stephens counties as well, and other arrests were also possible.

“This case isn’t over,” Anthony said. “Undersheriff Johnson, Lt. Helmke and Deputy King are to be commended. Their investigation was conducted professionally and brought quick results which led to the other counties identifying their roles in this case that continues to unfold.”