The only thing worse than a sleepless night is dragging yourself to work the next day. Approximately 65 percent of Americans report experiencing a sleep problem at least a few times each week.


If getting through a day with just a few hours of sleep is inevitable, offers this suggestion to help you feel better until you can hit the hay.


Try A Little Caffeine


Coffee is a stimulant because of its caffeine content, which blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increases adrenaline production. Consuming a moderate amount of caffeine provides a temporary jolt, helping you squeeze more alertness out of your day. Just be sure to consume caffeinated beverages in small amounts, particularly if you’re not a seasoned coffee drinker, or you could end up jittery and anxious. And since the stimulating effects of caffeine can last up to eight hours, avoid consuming caffeinated beverages late in the day, since they can keep you from getting to sleep that night.