Students of Oak Hall Episcopal School were throwing water balloons, tossing rubber chickens, racing in crazy clothes and even trying to dunk their headmaster in a dunking booth Thursday.

It was not what the students would call a typical school day. Instead, it was field day, an event brought back to the school after eight years absent, said teacher Cathy Nogueira.

Her goal was to reinstate field day as a way to encourage sportsmanship, physical activity, friendships and fun.

“This gives our students a chance to spend the whole day outside,” Nogueira said. “They (students) enjoy the fun competition and having fun with their friends.”

This field day wasn’t about 50-yard dashes or relay races with a baton.

The event invited students in grades first through eighth to enjoy several activities, including the rubber chicken toss, tug-o-war, water balloon races, a sack race, crazy clothing race, a survivor puzzle, three-legged race and more.

Students also jumped rope as part of the American Heart Association Jump Rope for the Heart program. It was a community service event that encouraged students to improve their own health and help other heart health issues.

Headmaster Ken Willy said field day was a hit with the students, teachers and parent volunteers.

“We want the kids to mix, and each team has a student from a different grade,” Willy said. “Even though it is competitive, it is meant to be fun. You see the kids cheering for their teams and other teams.”

On Wednesday, Oak Hall students in the 3-year-old, 4-year-old, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes enjoyed their own field day, which still included the dunking booth with Willy taking the seat.

Second-grade student Avie Gay listed many of the various events as awesome, but she said the rubber chicken throw was her favorite.

“I am having a lot of fun with my teammates,” Gay said during the snow cone break. “We are doing really good.”

University of Oklahoma mascot Sooner also made a stop at field day to share his role at the athletic department at OU.

The dunking booth sat empty at mid-afternoon, with Willy promising the kids he would take a seat before field day was completed.

“That is probably going to be my favorite,” said fourth-grade student Hannah Schob, pointing to the dunking booth.