Ardmore High School Principal Kim Holland says he will seek to continue in his role as top administrator at the high school.

Friday afternoon Holland confirmed he will apply for the principal position, the job he has had for nearly three years.

“Based on my conversation with Mr. Bates and the encouragement, I will apply,” Holland said. “We will see how it goes.”

Last month, Ardmore City School Superintendent Sonny Bates announced that he had accepted Holland’s resignation at a school board meeting. Board policy calls for no action by school board members, and specifies that all resignations are irrevocable.

In late March, Holland submitted a letter to Bates and the school board withdrawing his resignation. Members of the community circulated a petition in support of Holland remaining principal, a document that garnered 1,176 signatures. The petition was attached to a letter written by former AHS football coach and educator Ronnie Tipps, who asked to be heard at the April board meeting to request that the school board vote to waive policy of revocability of resignations and to rescind the decision to accept Holland’s resignation.

At Tuesday’s Ardmore Board of Education meeting, following Tipps presentation and with more than 200 community members in attendance, the board voted 4-0, with one member absent, to stick by policy that states resignations are irrevocable, and not to rescind the resignation of Holland.

During that meeting, board attorney Martin Dyer suggested an “ultimate solution” that Holland could re-apply for the position and the board could choose to rehire Holland.

Glen Burns, a local attorney who has been involved with the community supporters who have rallied around Holland remaining as principal, said Holland reapplying as principal is an important next step.

“Everyone since the meeting on Tuesday has been in prayer and thought about this,” Burns said. “People are concerned.”

Holland’s resignation will take effect in June.