There were plenty of “wow” and “aha” comments coming from students Wednesday afternoon at the Will Rogers Elementary School cafeteria as they visited experiment after experiment in the school’s science fair.

Kindergarten student Khloe Jones was just one of the many students receiving positive feedback from classmates as they passed by her presentation. Her project called for the mixture of vegetable oil, water, food coloring and Alka-Seltzer tablets.

“I like the bubbling,” Jones said as the mixture fizzed and created blobs in a clear glass container.

A few experiments down, Gavin Chavez was also mixing components for his project. Taking just a small amount of baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and dish soap, combining them in little cup, Chavez put a hollow coconut on top and watched the “lava” explode from his volcano.

“My favorite part is when the lava comes up,” Chavez said.

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students submitted individual projects for the science fair. Some projects and experiments were entered in the fair by individual classrooms.

Student projects followed the scientific method and began with hypothesis, such as Kilah Woodard’s project. She questioned what would sink and what would float in water.

“Some of them float and some sink,” Woodard said. “The ones that are heavy sink.”

Two students explored the difference between solid and liquid as they created ooblack, one student crafted a mini marshmallow launcher, another project discussed what makes a fossil, some students made lava lamps with household items, and one classroom tackled “Peep Science,” observing what happened to the Easter candy when placed in liquid.

Teachers and students perused the exhibits Wednesday, asking fellow classmates questions and observing as the science came to life.