An escapee from a Seattle-based community work center who was arrested in Ardmore a week ago has waived extradition.

Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony confirmed Wednesday Jahfel Stubblefield-Brown was detained in the Carter County Detention Center on a “hold” placed on him by the Washington Department of Corrections.

“They are coming after him,” Anthony said, adding he was not certain when Washington authorities would arrive in Ardmore to take the fugitive into custody. Anthony said reports indicated the 23-year-old escaped the West Coast DOC facility while serving a sentence for third-degree assault.

Ardmore police identified Stubblefield-Brown as an escapee while investigating an alleged drive-by shooting April 17. Detective Matt Dunn, APD Criminal Investigation Division, said officers responded about 9:30 p.m. to a report a woman at the local emergency room seeking treatment for a gunshot wound. The fugitive had accompanied the victim to the medical facility.

“She (victim) told officers she and her significant other (Stubblefield-Brown) were walking in the 400 block of Park Street when a car drove by and shots were fired,” Dunn said.

While the victim claimed multiple shots had been fired from the unidentified car by an unknown shooter, Dunn said investigators who went to the alleged scene of the attack could find no evidence to validate the woman’s story. Meanwhile, while still in the emergency room, Stubblefield-Brown managed to draw the attention of investigators on himself when he pretended to be someone he wasn’t.

“He gave us a false name,” Dunn said.

Identified as an escapee, he was taken into custody. And that’s when the investigation into the shooting stalled.

“When the victim found out he was being arrested, she became very uncooperative and left the hospital without further treatment,” Dunn said.

Stubblefield-Brown appeared Monday in district court and agreed to waive extradition back to Washington.

The investigation into the alleged drive-by shooting in Ardmore? Dunn said it remains under investigation.