A landmark an­niversary for three Carter County attor­neys was celebrated with a reception at the Citizens Bank & Trust Company’s downtown location Monday morning.

Martin Dyer and Burke Mordy were honored for 60 years of professional service and Derril McGuire was honored for 50 years as attorneys. The three men had recent­ly received recognition by the Oklahoma Bar Association for de­cades of service.

Citizens Bank & Trust Company Presi­dent Bridge Cox cred­ited Charlie Williams for bringing the anni­versary to the forefront after he saw mention of it in the Oklahoma Bar Journal.

“We thought it would be great if we recognized them” Cox said. “It is a big deal. It’s quite an ac­complishment and on behalf of the bank, we thought it would be nice to recognize them.” All three attorneys had something in common in that none could have predicted decades of service as members of the bar.

“I think the good Lord has blessed me,” McGuire said. “When you start, you can’t imagine doing this for 50 years, all the problems you have to deal with.

“It’s wonderful and I’m very appreciative I made so many friends and was in a good loca­tion for many years.” Mordy attributed his longevity in the profession to good luck and said one of his future plans is to read more books.

“It’s great, very nice,” Mordy said referring to the crowd in atten­dance. “I’m amazed at the crowd.”

Family, friends and colleagues crowded into the Citizen's Bank lobby for the reception. Gifts from Citizens Bank were also included for the three men.

"I think it's very nice of Citizen's Bank, I appreciated them honoring us," Dyer said. "It makes me feel good to have this many people turn out." Dyer retired from active work last year but maintains an office in the Colston Building and continues to serve as attorney for several school districts as well as serving on the Ardmore City Commission. And he never could have foretold 60 years as a member of the bar.

"When I got a law degree, I never expected to go this long," he said. "It's been a good ride."