A new national telephone survey survey earlier this week of 1,000 likely U.S. voters showed 43 percent have an unfavorable view of Attorney General Eric Holder with 29 percent who view him very unfavorably.


Holder, who has tangled repeatedly with Republicans in Congress and was forced last week to cancel a public appearance in Oklahoma in the face of public protests, remains one of the best-known and least-liked members of President Obama’s Cabinet.


The survey found that just 24 percent of participants have a favorable opinion of Holder and includes 7 percent who view the nation’s top law enforcement officer very favorably


One-in-three voters (33 percent) said they don’t know enough about Holder to voice any kind of opinion of him, but most Cabinet members are far more anonymous than that as far as the public is concerned. Holder is less well-known but just as unpopular as Secretary of State John Kerry and departing Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius among the president’s Cabinet officers.


These findings have changed little from surveys over the past five years, although the number who view Holder very unfavorably is down slightly from surveys since February 2012.


The Justice Department came under fire last May after it was revealed that it had secretly obtained the telephone records of reporters at the Associated Press and Fox News. At that time, 42 percent of all voters believed Holder should resign.