A recent telephone poll of 1,000 American adults showed just more than half favor the government-recognized National Day of Prayer


Congress established the first National Day of Prayer 62 years ago today, and most Americans continue to support the tradition.


Of the participants in the survey 60 percent said they favored Thursday’s federal government recognizing a National Day of Prayer. However, 21 percent opposed federal government recognition of the day and 19 percent are undecided.


The poll also showed 22 percent rarely or never pray, up nine points from 2012 but similar to findings in October. Fifty-seven percent, however, pray at least once a day, and that includes 28 percent who pray several times daily. One-in-five adults (20 percent) pray occasionally.


Seventy-one percent of adults in this country rate their religious faith as at least somewhat important in their daily lives, including 48 percent for whom it is very important. Twenty-seven percent say religious faith is not important to their lives, but just 16 percent consider it not at all important.