Organizers for the National Sand Bass Festival are looking for area residents who have the right stuff in terms of talent.

Entries are being accepted for the festival talent search, which is one of the headlining performances during the week-long festival. The talent search is June 2, with competition in the junior, teen and adult divisions. The junior division is for ages 12 and under, and the teen division is for ages 13 to 17. Ages 18 and older fall into the adult division.

Monetary prizes are awarded for the top three in each division. First place pays $200, with second place awarded $100 and third place $50. Placers will also have the opportunity to perform later in the week during the festival. On Thursday night, the third-place finishers will perform, followed by second place Friday night and first-place finishers Saturday night.

It is important for past winners to note, once a contestant has placed first in their age group, they are no longer eligible to compete in the division.

Requirements for the contest include:

• One act per participant

• All accompanists on stage must be the same age division as contestant

• The contest is not for full bands. There are only up to two musical instruments or up to four people per act

• Each act must run under four minutes

Given the family nature of the festival, nothing obscene or improper in action, dress or song words will be accepted. And for those wanting to go all “Milli Vanilli,” no lip-syncing is allowed. Only background accompaniment is allowed, with no singing along with the artist. Music must also be in a digital format. Those interested in claiming top prize in one of the area’s top talent contests are encouraged to apply quickly, as only 20 acts per division are allowed.

There are four criteria in which contestants will be judged. Appearance, stage presence and originality will each be awarded a maximum of 10 points. Thirty points will be available for overall performance.

The deadline for entries is May 28. Contest check-in time is 6 p.m. June 2, with the junior division competition beginning at 6:30 p.m.

For additional information, contact Molly Raley at (580) 670-1170 or log onto or