Bryan Davis had never been to Oklahoma prior to interviewing for the position of program director at the HFV Wilson Community Center.

Isn’t it funny how life turns out?

Davis, a native of Miami, Fla., had a successful interview and accepted a job offer to move to Ardmore. Since beginning work last week, he has been integrating himself into the community and the center as he looks forward to the newest stage of his professional career.

“The funny thing about here is Ardmore is the big town,” he said. “It is slower here and I love the people. They are warm and friendly.”

As program director, Davis said he would like to see more activities for the senior citizens. His passion for athletics also leads him to want more sports and activities for the kids. Davis also enjoys refereeing sports, namely basketball, volleyball and soccer.

Davis received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida Memorial, and began working in the parks and recreation department in Dade County. His focus was in an after-school program, and he wanted to eventually move into something full-time.

“I didn’t really have a plan,” Davis said. “I wanted to go to college and get out of my parents’ house. I like working with numbers, and wanted to be in management.”

Davis decided to pursue a master’s degree in recreation and sports management while working in the parks and recreation department, determined to gain experience which would benefit him once he received his degree.

“I found out I could make a career and started out at the bottom to work my way up,” he said.

Once he received his master’s, Davis began the process of finding a job. With a passion for travel, Davis did not limit himself to find a job near home, which led him to Oklahoma. And it was Ardmore’s gain in the end.

“We are excited that he is with us,” said Teresa Ervin, interim director for the Parks and Recreation Department. “We have been short-staffed for a while. Now we are at full-staff. It is right before summer and we are ready to go. It comes at a great time for us, and I think he is going to be a great asset for us.”