Deangelo Washington’s older brother, Dimitri, took the stand as the only defense witness in his sibling’s trial Friday, and attempted to give him an alibi.

Dimitri Washington told the jury that he knew for certain his brother had visited his apartment on Nov. 15, arriving “no later than 7,” and remaining at the residence until midnight.

“He left at the same time I did,” the older Washington said, adding he and his brother did not leave the premises together.

But the alibi story crumbled under cross examination by District Attorney Craig Ladd, who began his questions by asking when Washington became aware his brother had been arrested.

“Within a week, I read about it in the paper,” he said.

“You never went to the police department to report he was with you?”

“No sir.”

“You’ve been at the courthouse a couple of times. You never came to my office and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got an alibi for my brother’?”

“No sir.”

“You were arrested by Ardmore police. You never said anything to them then?”

“I thought when they got information, the police would contact you. They never did.”

“You were at the preliminary hearing. His lawyer was there. You never went to him?”

“No sir.”

Washington acknowledged he knew his brother had been incarcerated for 24 weeks leading up to his trial. He described his failure to tell anyone he could account for his brother’s whereabouts on the night Yoshikazu Hirashawa was robbed and stabbed outside the Rockford C Mart as “a learning experience.”

He also denied he had told Ladd, Sgt. Bobby Moore, APD Criminal Investigations, just 30 minutes prior to his testimony that he was a member of the Crips.

“I don’t recall that,” he said.

The 20-year-old witness did confirm that his meeting with Ladd and investigators just minutes before he took the stand did result in his refusal to give a written statement concerning the alibi he was giving his brother.

And his answers returned to “No sir” and denials when Ladd asked him about discussions he was seen having with Quajun Jones following 16-year-old Christopher Banks’ testimony on Thursday against his codefendants, Deangelo Washington and Kevontre “Tre” Jones. (Quajun Jones, identified as Kevontre’s brother, had been in the courtroom listening to the teenager’s testimony. Kevontre Jones’ trial is set for August.)

Washington’s final “No sir” answers resulted in Ladd calling a rebuttal witness for the state. Carter County Deputy John Ryan, who is assigned as the courthouse security officer, told the jury that not only did he personally witnesses Dimitri Washington and Quajun Jones talking, there was security camera video validating his testimony.

Under cross examination by Brett Morton, Ryan confirmed the defense counsel’s statements that he did not hear the conversations nor was there audio recordings of those conversations accompanying the security videos.

“You don’t know what they were talking about?” Morton asked.

“No,” Ryan answered.

With both the state and defense resting their cases, Associate District Judge Lee Card recessed the trial until Monday morning, when Ladd and Morton will present their closing arguments and jurors will receive their instructions before beginning deliberations in the case charging Washington with robbery by force or fear.