A recent telephone poll of 1,0000 American adults showed 44 percent plan to take a summer vacation this year. That’s consistent with surveying for the last couple years. The number of summer vacationers fell into the 30s following the Wall Street meltdown in 2008.


Forty-four percent took a summer vacation last year. Maybe that’s no surprise since 43 percent say summer is their favorite time to take a vacation. Twenty percent prefer to vacation in the fall, while 11 percent each opt for spring or summer.


Among adults who took a vacation last summer and plan to take one this year, 38 percent still say economic conditions have caused them to cut back on the amount of money they will spend on this year’s vacation. But that figure has been falling steadily each year from 2010s all-time high of 64 percent.


Sixty-two percent of adults who are taking a vacation this summer say their plans include going to see family or friends.


Whether or not they call it a vacation, 50 percent of Americans say it’s likely they’ll get to the beach this summer, including 28 percent who say it’s very likely.