By Wyatt Freeman

Susan Pfau Yeager is a particularly talented Ardmoreite. She is an actress, a singer, a dancer and a gifted businesswoman. Her one-woman show, “The Life That Late I Led,” opens June 13 at the Goddard Center, and chronicles her career in show business.

The show, which is proclaimed as both funny and moving, tells of diva directors, costume mishaps, dating, big names, temp jobs and more. The performance is intertwined with music by legends like Sondheim, Schwartz and John Denver, to name a few, and is accompanied by the equally talented Andy Price.

“My parents tell me they have known I was destined to be a performer since I was 2 years old and singing ‘Moon River’ for them on command,” Yeager says. “The show follows me from that time through my entire career.”

It may begin humbly enough in small town USA, but Yeager’s story is one that is replete with success. From Broadway to Carnegie Hall and all over the world, Yeager has let her voice be heard. She says that singing and acting have allowed her opportunities of which she would never have dreamed otherwise.

“I have been incredibly fortunate,” Yeager says. “I have been able to make a career out of something that I am truly passionate about.”

Yeager moved to Ardmore seven years ago to be closer to family, and currently offers voice and acting lessons, as well as running her own theater company, Noel Productions. She has also been a staple on the Ardmore Little Theatre scene. She directed “Young Frankenstein” last year, and plans to direct another production later this year.

Ultimately, Yeager says she understands the troubles life often presents, and created her show in order to provide a comical way to address those issues. She hopes that those who attend her show will be able to escape their woes for a while and leave the show laughing, and knowing they aren’t alone.

“Something that theater does that almost nothing else can do, is give us an opportunity to experience life from someone else’s point of view,” Yeager says. “And, ultimately, that can only serve to bring us closer together as people.”

“The Life That Late I Led” opens June 13 and will run through June 15 at the Goddard Center. To purchase tickets in advance, visit or call (580) 504-8320.