A 49-year-old man is behind bars at the Carter County Detention Center via an investigation that began at a burglarized storage building near Overbrook, traveled to Lone Grove and ended late Tuesday under a house at a southeast side residence in Ardmore.

Sheriff Milton Anthony said Dean Daniel was taken into custody and booked into the county jail pending charges of possession of stolen property.

But the arrest was far from routine.

According to the sheriff, the investigation that led to Daniel’s arrest began Saturday when deputies responded to a report of the burglary of a storage building on U.S. Highway 77 near Overbrook.

“There were numerous items taken from the storage building,” Anthony explained, adding the investigation led first to a Dylan Lane residence in Lone Grove. “Deputies could see an air conditioner sitting in the living room of the house, and were able to obtain a search warrant for the residence. The result of that search warrant was the recovery of a number of items of stolen property.”

But the search warrant didn’t net the primary suspect, who actually resides on Clay Hill Road. And he wasn’t at his residence, either. But shortly after 4 p.m., the sheriff said Ardmore police notified deputies the suspect was apparently trying to conceal himself under a house located in the 400 block of B Street SE. Deputies responded. So did Ardmore Fire Department.

“They tried to pepper spray him out, but he wouldn’t budge,” the sheriff said.

So how was Daniel taken into custody?

“A deputy crawled under the house and dragged him out,” Anthony said.

But that’s still not the end of the story.

The sheriff said the investigation continues and could lead to additional charges and possibly other defendants.