A 42-year-old Ardmore man, identified as an extended family member, was arrested late Thursday afternoon in connection with the death of a 2-month-old baby girl whose body was discovered inside a car in the 600 block of 2nd Avenue NE.

But Capt. Kevin Norris, Ardmore Police Department Criminal Investigations Division, said the investigation into Richard Chastain’s actions continues.

Norris said Chastain was initially taken into custody pending a charge of negligent homicide.

“We are currently investigating whether or not he was under the influence of intoxicants during the time he was caring for the child,” Norris said.

Chastain allegedly told investigators he simply forgot the infant was in the car after taking his niece (the baby’s mother) to work around 7 a.m.

“He was suppose to have taken the baby to daycare,” Norris said.

While Chastain claimed he forgot the infant, he did remember there was another child in the car — the baby’s 1-year-old sibling. Investigators said Chastain did take the older child to the daycare facility.

The infant’s body was discovered inside Chastain’s car about 2:45 p.m. while it was parked at a 2nd Avenue NE residence.

Detective Phil Shepard is assigned as the lead investigator on the case.

No other suspects have been linked to the child’s death.