Mayor Martin Dyer was a man of few words as he commemorated the open­ing of the Ardmore Region­al Dog Park. And of those words, only half of those in attendance might have had a chance of understanding him.


Dyer held the scissors, said “Bow wow wow,” and with a snap of the scissors the park was open.


A number of dogs and owners showed up for the opening of the park, which featured door prizes and handouts. It is the culmi­nation of a dream that be­gan with the Regional Park Board of Trustees and a con­struction project that began in the fall.


“We are happy to see this day here,” Kevin Boatright, assistant city manager, said. “We added this to the master plan in 2006 and this has been a long time coming.” Boatright and Teresa Er­vin, Parks and Recreation director, said the project was a joint effort between the board, commission and enti­ties within the city.


“We are just glad we were able to provide this,” Ervin said. “It took a lot of people to bring this together, it was a community effort. It is just exciting to see the dogs run­ning with their owners.” The park has two sides, only one of which will be open at a time. Each side has a pavilion and features for the dogs to play on. There are also plans to add trees around the park.


“This has been in the dis­cussion phase for a number of years and we are glad to provide it to the citizens,” city manager J.D. Spohn said. “We are excited about the addition of this amenity for the citizens of Ardmore to enjoy with their dogs.”