The Dollar General Lit­eracy Foundation, in col­laboration with its national partners, has launched a new website, www.ard­ to sup­port Ardmore Literacy, a ground-breaking rural education initiative to in­crease access to literacy and English language ser­vices in Ardmore over the next three years.


The Dollar General Lit­eracy Foundation brought six national partners and six local partners together to implement the pro­gram. Since its inception in August, the partners have been working with community leaders and the Ardmore school dis­trict to enhance literacy services to adults, families and children. To further support the initiative, a new website will serve as an information hub for information on resources and free programs in the community that can help individuals meet their lit­eracy and basic education needs.


“Ardmore Literacy shows the power of people work­ing together to make a dif­ference,” says Denine Torr, director of Dollar General’s community initiatives. “Ev­ery partner in the project, both local and national, brings specialized exper­tise in literacy and educa­tional programming. We hope the outcomes for the Ardmore community will be significantly enriched as a result of these strategic partnerships.” This unique collabora­tion of organizations repre­sents the first partnership of its kind to significantly increase access to literacy programs in a single rural community. Together, the partners offer services and resources in kindergarten to 12th grade education, basic reading and writing, citizenship preparation, family literacy, GED/HSE preparation, English as a second language and digi­tal literacy.


Ardmore Literacy, spear­headed by the Dollar Gen­eral Literacy Foundation, is a collaboration of national partners and local part­ners, including: Ardmore Barbara Bush Literacy Corps, Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, Ardmore Public Library, The Grace Center of Southern Okla­homa, New Dimension Literacy Council, St. Mary Catholic Church, and Ard­more City Schools.


To ask questions about Ardmore Literacy, contact Riley Seals, Ardmore dis­tribution center director, at (580) 389-5602 or