Busy schedules and picky eaters leave many well-intentioned parents resorting to processed foods and takeout to appease appetites on hectic weeknights. But everydayhealth.com, says Chef Richard credits Recipe Rehab with accelerating his trip toward healthy eating — and this father of two (with one on the way) has taken his heightened attention to nutrition and brought it home to the dinner table.


Here is a tried-and-true tip for making smarter choices at the store and introducing healthier items into your family’s diet in an easy and delicious way:


Shop the Perimeter


Healthy eating starts at the store. The perimeter is where all the fresh, whole foods like produce, dairy, and meat are located. Avoid the middle aisles where all the processed food lives.


“If food has a longer shelf life than you do, that’s a problem,” says Chef Richard.