A telephone survey of 15,000 likely U.S. voters showed the president’s monthly job approval rating fell back a point to 48 percent in June, down from his year-to-date high of 49 percent reached in May and in February. His job approval held steady at 47 percent in March and April. Obama’s approval rating hit a two-year low of 45 percent last November during the troubled rollout period for the new national health care law. Since then, however, his approval ratings have returned to levels seen for much of his time in the White House.

For most of the three years prior to his reelection, the president’s full-month job approval stayed at either 47 percent or 48 percent. In 2012, it improved as Election Day approached. Following the election, he received a bounce, peaking at a high of 56 percent in December 2012. Then his job approval gradually began falling back to pre-election levels.

Last month, 51 percent disapproved of the president’s performance, up one point from May but still down three points from a recent high of 54 percent in November.