An anonymous tip led to what Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony called a “major” methamphetamine trafficking arrest Wednesday afternoon at a residence located in a northwest Ardmore neighborhood.

Anthony said it was information from an unidentified person that resulted in an investigation launched by members of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Division into suspicious activities by William Barbour Jr. at 905 Burch Street.

“That investigation led to obtaining a search warrant, which was served Wednesday afternoon,” Anthony said.

When officers arrived, Barbour failed to respond to orders to open the door.

“We made forcible entry and located Mr. Barbour near a back bedroom. We also located a female in another bedroom,” Anthony said.

The search warrant also yielded an estimated 90 grams of methamphetamine bagged for sale, and an illegal gun.

“That’s about 3 ounces of meth — that’s major,” Anthony said, adding the illicit narcotic carries a street value of between $7,000 and $10,000.

Barbour was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Carter County Detention Center.

The sheriff said the woman found inside Barbour’s residence was interviewed and subsequently released.

Charges of trafficking methamphetamine and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony were filed Thursday against Barbour by the district attorney’s office. The 52-year-old man made an initial appearance in district court before Special District Judge Thomas Baldwin. A $75,000 bond was set on the current charges facing Barbour, who also has a criminal history, including a number of previous drug-related convictions.

Barbour remains detained at the county jail pending the posting of bond and/or the outcome of his case.

A preliminary conference is set for Aug. 5.

Anthony commended the person who reported the suspicious activity at the Burch Street residence that resulted in Barbour’s arrest and the recovery of a substantial amount of methamphetamine.

“As I have said before and will say again, because it bears repeating, citizen tips are vital to the war on narcotics. We can’t be everywhere all the time. Citizens can be our extra eyes and ears, and time and time again, the information a citizen gives us proves to be an important element of a case. In many, many instances, it’s the partnership between concerned citizens and law enforcement that results in a successful investigation that leads to an arrest, prosecution and conviction,” Anthony said. “And, regardless of whether someone calling in a tip gives their name or wants to remain anonymous, we do act on all information. All information is important. We appreciate citizens who keep on the lookout and stay aware of what’s going on around their homes and places of business, and we urge everyone to join us in ridding our county of the pestilence of illegal narcotics.”