Most of us care about doing our jobs well, and about the relationships we have with clients and coworkers. But author Jon Gordon says your actions might be sending the opposite message. The good news is that the more you care (and show you do), the more you stand out in a world where many don’t. Caring is great for business. The even better news is that by making, say, one percent more effort and paying attention to the little things, you can transform your relationships and see your overall success skyrocket.


Here, Gordon spotlights something you unknowingly do that tell others, “I don’t care.”


You listen with half an ear. You know how this goes: You make the appropriate noises during a client call (“Mmmhmmm…I understand…No, that won’t be a problem…”) while simultaneously typing an email to someone else. You may think you’re getting away with multitasking, but Gordon says the other person can usually tell that your attention is divided, and will feel unimportant as a result.


“Giving a client or colleague your full attention is so meaningful,” he points out. “Being fully present says, ‘I really care about you and what you need. You are my top priority right now.’”