“Once again no one wants to come forward and tell us what happened,” Capt. Kevin Norris, Ardmore Po­lice Department Criminal Investi­gation Division, said Saturday as he talked about two overnight shootings that sprayed bullets at two southeast side locations damag­ing a car, residence and injuring one person.


Norris confirmed detectives investigating the gun play at 301 Park Street shortly after 1 a.m. and 715 White Street just minutes before 4 a.m. were closely examin­ing the probability the shootings were gang related.


Sgt. Brice Woolly, APD Patrol Division, said a 20-year-old man was apparently grazed by a drive­by shooting bullet as he was get­ting into the front seat passenger’s side of a car parked outside the Park Street residence.


“He had a wound at the back of his left knee. Medics treated him at the scene but he refused to go to the hospital,” Woolly said, adding the victim and multiple witnesses, “...said they didn’t see nothing, didn’t know nothing and didn't want the police there." While the victim and witnesses refused to cooperate Woolly said the car, "was hit at least five times," and investigators recovered 14 shell casings from the scene.


About three hours later a volley of bullets smashed into a White Street residence. Two adults and four children, all under age 8, were inside the house at the time the hail of bullets struck the house.


"Shots hit the house and several windows. One of the adults, a woman, was in the kitchen where shots missed her by inches," Woolly said, as he read from reports of the violence.


Again, even though children's lives had been at risk, the adult victims refused to cooperate with the investigation.


"The refused to be interviewed and they refused to allow the crime scene to be processed," Woolly said.


However, while police were not allowed to retrieve evidence from the property, 19 shell casings were collected from the public street.


Anyone with information regarding the motive behind one or both of the shootings or those involved are urged to contact police headquarters at (580) 223-1212.