Increasing cases of ambush-style assaults on law enforcement officers have prompted new tactics. Training in these tactics is being provided by the Institute for Intergovernmental Research and offered August 26–27 at the Rose State College campus in Midwest City.


VALOR training—preventing Violence Against Law enforcement Officers and ensure officer Resilience and survivability— is designed for frontline law enforcement to promote officer safety and help prevent injuries and deaths to law enforcement officers in the line of duty. In this training, participants will gain an understanding of emerging threats, including those posed by antigovernment criminal extremists, and learn techniques for anticipating and surviving a violent encounter, based on the “Deadly Mix” framework (the officer, offender, and circumstances).


In addition, officers will learn how to identify concealed weapons and armed gunmen, gain knowledge of the mental and physical skills required for high-risk tactical situations that may involve active shooters, and understand the importance of self-aid/buddy-aid training.


Sponsors for the training are the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism and Rose State College, cohosted by Regional Organized Crime Information Center and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Oklahoma.


There is no registration fee for this training. Enrollment is limited to currently sworn law enforcement personnel. Space is limited. To register, complete the online form at