In an effort to keep up with the technology-driven public, the Ardmore Public Library is expanding its services to those that enjoy their creature comforts.
The library offers e-Books and audio books through Overdrive and it has recently expanded its services to include Zinio. Zinio offers magazines to the public through its online services. As part of a consortium, which is a group of libraries in the state, the library can offer over 100 magazine titles online. Library Director Daniel Gibbs said in Overdrive, when a book is checked out it expires after 14 days. But that is not the case with the new magazine offering.
“With magazines, you download it and it is yours to keep,” he said. “It’s always available and it is very high quality.”
With the success of Overdrive and Zinio, the library is looking forward to unveiling Freegal. Freegal is a music service using the Sony music catalogue. Library members will be able to stream three hours of music every day and download three songs a week for free. Freegal has a free music app and will offer a little over seven million songs. In addition to music, there are 5,000 music videos that are available and can be freely downloaded in place of music each week. Gibbs said the program should be ready in two weeks.
“We are working on the web setup,” he said. “I’m hoping it will get a lot of use. It’s great, a lot of people download music and it will be legal and high quality.”
Gibbs said the addition of Overdrive, Zinio and Freegal are all part of an effort to develop a virtual branch of the library.
“The goal is to create the branch and provide services for the library without members having to come to the library,” Gibbs said.