There have been those who have gotten a jump on the school year with purchases of clothes and shoes. But this weekend, it will get real.

The Oklahoma tax-free weekend will begin at 12:01 a.m. Friday and will last until midnight Sunday. Over the course of the weekend, consumers will be able to load up on clothes and shoes. Items exempt from sales tax during the weekend are any article of clothing or footwear designed to be worn on or about the human body, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission website. The sales price of the article must be less than $100 to be tax exempt. The site also said the holiday does not apply to the sale of any accessories, special clothing or footwear primarily designed for athletic activity or protective use that is not normally worn except when used for athletic activity or protective use, or to the rental of clothing or footwear.

Ken Campbell, Ardmore finance director, said the weekend helps keep business in Ardmore rather than lose it to Texas. He said is also gives people in the surrounding area an opportunity to visit the many different stores within the city.

“As far as the city goes, it increases sales,” Campbell said. “It is a tax-free weekend for the consumers. What happens is the tax is still paid, but the stores pay it. I wouldn’t say you notice a huge increase in revenue, but without it, you would see a decrease.”

The beneficiaries of the weekend are not limited to students. Items listed by the tax commission benefit infants to seniors who can take advantage of saving some dollars.

“It’s absolutely huge,” says Brian Carter, Ardmore Development Authority interim president and CEO. “The average family spends $500 to $700 getting ready for school, and savings matter to people. One of the best aspects of the weekend is everyone can benefit and save money.

“It’s also a wonderful opportunity for consumers to visit Ardmore’s merchants and take care of all their needs for school and the upcoming year.”

The Oklahoma Tax Commission lists the following items as exempt for the tax-free weekend:

• Aprons, household and shop

• Athletic supporters

• Baby receiving blankets

• Bathing suits and caps

• Beach capes and coats

• Belts and suspenders

• Boots

• Coats and jackets

• Costumes

• Diapers, children and adult, including disposable diapers

• Ear muffs

• Footlets

• Formal wear

• Garters and garter belts

• Girdles

• Gloves and mittens for general use

• Hats and caps

• Hosiery

• Insoles for shoes

• Lab coats

• Neckties

• Overshoes

• Pantyhose

• Rainwear

• Rubber pants

• Sandals

• Scarves

• Shoes and shoe laces

• Slippers

• Sneakers

• Socks and stockings

• Steel toed shoes

• Underwear

• Uniforms, athletic and non-athletic

• Wedding apparel