As part of a commitment to regional artists, the Goddard Center Art Studios presents the work of artist Eric Chance Mobbs from Saturday through Sept. 28.

Mobbs is a lifelong resident of the rural area of Bentley, near Atoka, where he spent much time observing nature. He studied graphic design and studio art at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

His interests range from science and music to spiritualism and the occult. While Mobbs is always looking for new ways to create art, his exhibit draws on the ancient art of encaustic painting which pertains to the layering of a pigment-infused medium consisting of beeswax and damar resin. The layers are then fused together by a heat source to assure adhesion between the layers.

“Encaustic painting allows for both highly saturated color and hazy translucency, making it an ideal medium for my work,” states Mobbs.

In further reflection on what inspires him, Mobbs says, “The force that drives artists to create has inspired work dealing with mystical and emotional subject matter since the dawn of art. My work builds upon this, using archaic alchemical symbols and fields of color to elicit an emotional response from viewers. My art is meant to be meditative. It is my hope the viewer will take time to absorb all the subtle values of each piece.”

The art studios facility is located at 425 First Ave. SW. To ask questions about this exhibit, call (580) 226-0909.