For the board of the Greater Southwest Historical Museum, finding a new director was not an overly complicated exercise. All they needed to do was walk down the hall into the military museum.
Wesley Hull has taken “acting” off his title and will serve on a permanent basis. Board president Cary Williamson cited Hull’s work ethic and familiarity with the museum as attributes for the museum moving forward.
“Hull has a tremendous amount of experience as the director of the Military Museum and his dedication will be a wonderful asset to the Greater Southwest Historical Museum,” Williamson said.
“The director search committee reviewed several resumes from interested candidates and all of them were very impressive. However, seeing the work Hull has done in the short amount of time he has been the acting director made the selection easy. Anyone that visits the museum will notice the hard work Hull and his staff have put in to make a prime attraction in the community.”
Hull said his experience with the Military Museum dates back 15 to 20 years and was one of the driving reasons for him to seek the position of director.
“What impact would a new director have,” Hull asked. “We have had some leaders who supported the Military Museum and others that did not think it belonged here.”
Hull also said he wanted to see an effort to create the “Tools of our Land” exhibit come to fruition. Hull, along with Jim Dyer, are currently preparing the items for the exhibit, which will require a new building. Hull estimated it would take another year and a half to complete the project. Meanwhile, Hull has moving forward to shoring up the museum.
“My first order of business was to correct the major deficiencies,” he said. “With the two months I have been acting director, every safety problem is corrected. We are code compliant and have addressed our insurance. Now, one of my high priorities is to find a curator.”
Hull said the process has begun and the museum is looking for a candidate that understands the history of southwest Oklahoma and will work in the best interests of the museum.
Hull said it was not an easy decision to make in putting his name in the ring for the job. But now that he has it, full steam ahead.
“They kept asking me will I consider and I kept saying no,” he said. “The only way I would consider it is to stay active with what I am doing now. It is my obligation to make the Southwest as clean, well-lighted and properly displayed as the Military Museum.”