The Carter County Commission accepted the resignation of Carter County Assessor Kim Cain during their week­ly meeting. The resig­nation will not become effective until the end of the month. Her first deputy, Kerry Ross, was designated by the com­missioners to take over as assessor on Sept. 1.

“I’m excited,” Ross said. “As the first dep­uty, I would be running the office in Kim’s absence anyway. The first deputy is the one responsible for running the office and that was the commissioner’s decision to move forward with that. In the meeting, they said they felt I was qualified and would do a good job and I’m thankful for their confidence. In the big scheme of things, we still have a job to do.” In a letter to the commissioners, Cain highlighted her 24 years with the assessor’s office and noted she was eligible for retirement at the end of the month. She cited spending time with her grandchildren as one of the reasons for her retirement.

Ross is running for the office of Carter County Assessor in the Novem­ber general election as a Democrat. She will face Republican candidate Vickie Babcock. At the time of filing, Cain announced she would not seek reelection.

The newly elected assessor will take office in January 2015.