Over the years, the Greater Ardmore Scholarship Foundation has helped countless high school students with financing their college education, leading them to reach their educational goals.

Entering its 25th year of service, the foundation’s staff and board say they remain committed to aiding Carter County high school graduates from families with average incomes with scholarships for Oklahoma colleges, universities, vocational and technical schools, but they are hoping to do more in the future.

“There are more things we want to take on,” says board member Jeni Merrick Baker. “We want to become more, do more and give more.”

The drive to continue serving students at all Carter County high schools, and the desire to expand as the foundation moves into the next 25 years of its history, has led to a name change. Announced at the foundation’s recent Get Smart Trivia Night fundraiser, 180 supporters learned the organization will now be known as the MORE Foundation, administrating the MORE Scholarship.

The new name was a great match for the mission and vision of the non-profit that began in 1990 to impact Ardmore and Plainview high school students. In 1997, the Southern Memorial Foundation teamed with GASF to make the opportunity available to students from Dickson, Fox, Healdton, Lone Grove, Springer and Wilson schools.

“Our new name, the MORE Foundation, recognizes our roots, which began in Ardmore,” says Baker, whose grandfather and father founded the organization. “It also exemplifies our desire to do more for the communities we are serving through the scholarship and other educational endeavors which could also be beneficial.”

Roslyn Haile, executive director of the MORE Foundation, says supporters, students and scholarship recipients will see no other changes to the foundation, other than the name.

Haile, who travels to the high schools and shares the scholarship information with students, says a student’s family income and academic requirements remain the same.

Since unveiling the new name, both Haile and Baker say the change has been well-received by the community. For more than 17 years, the organization has reached students in communities throughout Carter County, not just the Ardmore area. The new name reflects what the foundation has been accomplishing for years, Haile says.

Last year, the foundation awarded more than $450,000 in scholarships to high school students at Ardmore, Dickson, Fox, Healdton, Lone Grove, Plainview, Springer and Wilson schools. Approximately $6 million in scholarship dollars have been awarded since its inception.

“In providing the MORE Scholarship through the MORE Foundation, we hope to inspire young people in the areas we serve to aspire for more and to realize they can do more and give more to help society and their communities as has been done for them,” Haile says.